7 Tips For Decorating A Child’s Room In A Condo

Choosing a condominium as a place to live is not easy, especially when you have difficulty having children. Many things you should consider especially for the good of your children. However, a trivial thing that might make you dizzy is changing the decor of your child’s room in your condom. At Parc Canberra EC you can freely create for children’s room interiors. You don’t need to worry about the condominium rules, because the developers prioritize comfort for property buyers. There are a few tips you can try to change the decor of your children’s room.

Art area
You can create an area of ​​art in a child’s room by painting a part of the wall with a blackboard color. You can choose the blackboard paint according to the child’s choice of color.
To help children be disciplined and organized, place objects at a height that they can reach. Cabinets, chairs, and shelves will be used more often if children can reach them easily.

Hang the child’s work
Children like to collect the things they produce, making it easier. Children’s drawings do not have to be displayed on the wall. Try hanging pictures with a rope in front of the window or pinning it to a rope along the wall to create an interactive part in the room

Make sure to include many types of lights in a child’s room. Lighting becomes an important part, including reading lights. The lights also help children go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Black and white paint
If you are waiting for the birth of a baby and do not want to know their sex, you can use a monochrome scheme that is suitable for any gender. With the use of smart paint and accessories, you can create a comfortable space for your baby.

The contemporary black-and-white look will be suitable for years in a child’s room and can be easily adjusted when the child gets older.

Create a playful atmosphere
Choose modern displays and unique furniture. You can stimulate children with tents made of white cloth and wooden sticks. You can fill the tent with colorful pillows and toys so that children don’t get bored.
Vintage element

Add ancient elements that create nostalgia in a child’s room. Using a slightly obsolete world map will stimulate children’s curiosity. You can use the locker with a variety of colors as a storage area with decoration letters.

When decorating a child’s room, why not think outside the box? For example, by making a treehouse. You can make it from sturdy wood. In rooms with high ceilings, a bedroom in the form of a treehouse can be suitable. The lower part can be used as a children’s play area with lots of colorful trinkets. You can match it with a carpet.

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