Benefits Of Prayer

Everyone already knows prayer is the greatest power humanity has ever had. Thus, many people rely on a to make sure that their prayer is heard. Prayer is also often associated with being a perfect complement to the business. Because human capabilities are limited, prayer and effort are a great combination of power so that all desired desires can be granted. So that your prayers are answered quickly, you can ask someone who will be answered quickly by God.

With prayer, you will have high social sensitivity. When someone is always praying for someone else, then they are trying to make peace with their ego. Why is that? Because someone who has a high ego and only cares about themself, usually tends not to bother to think of others even to pray for them. For that, be grateful for those of you who have positive habits to want to pray for others wherever you are. This behavior eventually shapes your character into someone who has high social sensitivity and wants to care about the environment. Remember, you live in this world not alone but side by side with others, it should also think and tuck your best prayers for people around you.

With prayer, your life is filled with kindness. Every good that you do sincerely will certainly bring a reward in the form of kindness to your life. This happens because there is a pleasure from the Creator for the good that you do to others. When you sincerely pray for good things for the people around you, then the prayer that you say will also come back to you. Therefore, do not consider the act of praying for others as futile, it will instead bring reward to you. Those are the benefits if you diligently pray for others. Never feel lost by praying for others. Know that when you incite goodness for others, that goodness will return to you again.

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