Female Infertility Disorders

Female infertility can be caused by congenital abnormalities such as uterine septate, which can cause recurrent miscarriages or not be able to get pregnant. Uterine septate is a condition when there is an abnormality in the uterine cavity, where the uterus is divided by muscle walls or connective tissue. This can be triggered by a combination of several factors from both partners. Although difficult to accept this, not infrequently this problem resolves itself over time. You can consult about it to the gynecologist in Chattanooga tn.

In fact, there are various factors in a woman’s body that can inhibit the process of pregnancy. Female infertility can be caused by several things:

Ovulation Disorders
Ovulation disorders or periodic release of eggs are the most common conditions that cause women to not be able to get pregnant. Some conditions make women no longer release the egg, some cause the egg is only released within a longer time than it should.

Damage to the fallopian tubes or fallopian tubes
When the fallopian tubes or fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked, it will make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg or obstruct the movement of a fertilized egg into the uterus. It can be happened because of some factors. The first factor is a pelvic inflammatory disease, namely inflammation of the uterus and fallopian tubes by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Second, you had undergone major surgery or surgery on the pelvis, including surgery for ectopic pregnancy, which is a fertilized egg cell embedded and began to develop in the ovary, not the uterus. The third factor is because of tuberculosis in the pelvis. It is one of the main causes of female infertility.

Postoperative scarring

Physical damage that occurs in the ovary can result in ovulation failure. For example, invasive and repetitive surgery for ovarian cysts can cause damage or the appearance of scarring, so ovulation does not occur. In addition, an infection can also cause female infertility.

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