Here Are 3 Simple Magic Tricks That Can Make Young Children Become Great Magicians

Try to remember, when you were a kid, did you ever dream of becoming a magician? When I was a kid, I would have done small-scale magic tricks to impress a friend, right? Or you see a child imitating the magician’s movements after seeing the gold coast magician. So that your child or younger sibling can get closer to friends, you can teach 3 simple magic tricks that can make young children become great magicians.

1. Crayons disappear As you can see in the picture above, actually the crayon disappearing trick is just about making people believe that the crayon is gone. To do this you and your brother must prepare crayons a box of small crayons. Cut the crayon storage box to make a window so that later it can be seen inside the crayon box whether it has contents or not. After that remove all the contents of the crayon and glue each crayon in line with insulation. Cut the two crayons to the extent of insulation and put them in the crayon box.

Viola! The crayon magic tool is ready! Now your sister will just need to position the tip of the crayon at the top using the pressure of her thumb. When ready to take action, all he has to do is release the pressure on the thumb and let the crayon slide down by itself. Now the crayons are gone, right?

2. Coin tricks increase on the plate. This magic trick turned out to be very easy! All you have to do is make a small bag from a piece of paper and stick it under the plate. After that, fill each bag on the plate with coins. The rest you just teach your sister to move coins to the next plate by tilting the plate. He just needs to be careful that the coin actually falls on the next plate. If you are good at moving it, your sister can magic adding coins!

3. Toothpicks that disappear Now, this trick is really easy. You just need to stick a toothpick on your sister’s thumb with clear insulation. When your sister wants to show her toothpicks, all she has to do is hold her hand. Later your sister will just open her hand while pretending to remove a toothpick. Leave the acting add when you remove the toothpicks and then it’s done, your sister will look cool in front of her friends!

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