Is Social Media A Better Ad Platform Compared To Television?

According to Forbes, in 2017, television is still the largest means of communication in the world. Unfortunately, this assumption is now beginning to shift. Because, at this time, more and more people prefer to surf in cyberspace. In fact, in the latest research, the average person will spend up to 170 minutes (almost 3 hours) just to have fun online. Various things can be done through online media, such as watching videos on Youtube, shopping in various marketplaces, surfing on social media to most often, chatting together with friends. The role of television as a news anchor also began to ‘fade’ because of the presence of media that started Go-Online and movie sharing sites that provided 24-hour entertainment. Additionally, people can also use OTT services to watch TV contents online, so that’s why a lot of companies rely on ott advertising companies to promote their businesses online.

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From some of the previous facts, it can be concluded that the role of television as a medium for advertising is also likely to begin to shift. Sooner or later, producers will switch by marketing their products through cyberspace, whether it’s Youtube, Social Media or other devices. However, among the several options, which one is estimated to be the most effective?

If you ask which place is the most effective advertisement at the moment, the answer is social media. Consumer behavior has indeed changed. They prefer to see something online, be it Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The effective use of social media as advertising media is also supported by the presence of influencers or celebrities (read: celebrity Instagram).

Celebrities are often used as role models by social media users. They even want to do anything for the sake of ‘puja’. For example, on Youtube, a few years ago, it was a famous event called mail time. The event made the fans want to give gifts even without coercion. Little things like that make them considered to have bases that are strong enough to ‘spread’ the ad.

The greater a person has fans, usually called followers or subscribers, the greater the chance to get advertising or endorse. This phenomenon occurs naturally, no one would have thought if social media could be used as ‘land’ for work.

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