Is Sleeping With A Pillow Is Healthier Than Sleep Without It?

Everyone has different tastes, including when sleeping. Some people like to use pillows while sleeping or maybe not. From the medical side, which is actually healthier for the body? Meanwhile, if you want to buy a pillow that is perfect as a gift, we recommend you to buy Kissen mit Spruch.

Why do people like to sleep without pillows?

Pillows become loyal friends to accompany sleep. Cushions called can make sleep more comfortable. However, not everyone likes to sleep using a pillow.

A study published in the journal Physiotherapy Canada looked at the effects of sleep with pillows and not. A total of 1,600 participants were asked to sleep with 5 pillows and not with pillows at all.

The results show that nearly 50% more people choose not to sleep with a pillow. The reason, because of the choice and poor quality pillows do not provide comfort during sleep.

As a result, they chose not to use pillows at all to sleep.

If the pillow used is uncomfortable, sleep will be disrupted. Some effects are felt tired and sleepy the next day.

Not only that, poor sleep quality even in the long term can cause health problems, such as easy stress, work accidents, and heart disease.

So, why do some people like to sleep with a pillow?

History records that ancient Egyptians had used stone cushions to prevent insects from entering their ears. Meanwhile, during the Chinese dynasty, aristocrats used wooden cushions to keep their hair neat. So, what about now?

Based on the same study, people who like to sleep with a pillow are those who are accustomed to sleeping with a pillow. So, they still choose to sleep using a pillow rather than nothing.

So which is better?

Healthy or not, sleep with pillows actually depends on your comfort. If using a pillow can support your sleep quality better, no problem sleeping with extra pillows.

Meanwhile, if the use of pillows disturbs the quality of your sleep, no need to force you to sleep with a pillow. Find a position as comfortable as possible so you can sleep soundly.

However, for people with certain health problems, such as sleep apnea, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder), and neck pain, a pillow is very necessary. The reason is, these three diseases often disrupt sleep.

Best Vacation For Christmas

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Avoiding Potential Disasters Through Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Cleanliness of your house is such a crucial aspect that you have to really concern so that you can expect for a healthy life. Moreover, if you live with some kids, you certainly do not want them to get sick. Thus, it is important for you to maintain the cleanliness of your house on a daily basis. Some spaces where you frequently spend your time are necessary to take care of every day. Meanwhile, you clean up the rest once in a week. You can check your plumbing system regularly so that you can anticipate some plumbing issues as soon as possible. You can call for professional house maintenance such as plumbers Columbia SC to check your house condition once in a year at least.

Serious issues in your house building possibly cost you a lot. Thus, some preventative methods are necessary to implement so that you can avoid serious building issues that possibly rob your banking account. In addition, serious building issues usually take some days to complete. Many people that feel bothered to deal with a repair project that runs for a couple of days in their house. In this case, they are likely to feel less convenient so that they deciding spending most of their time outside of their house.

You can just imagine what if you do not do regular plumbing maintenance in your house. Here you must be given a lot of thoughts on risks of serious building issues that possibly happen suddenly. You are going to feel more upset as you are used to leaving your kids in the house while you work. Your house is supposed to be the most convenient space for all your family members. Thus, it is a must for you to do regular plumbing maintenance to lower risks of serious issues.

Safe Electrical Installation

Nowadays every house or building must have an electrical installation because, in this modern era, electricity is a very necessary thing. It becomes one of the primary needs because almost everything we use to do our daily activities rely on electricity or electrical equipment. In the installation of electrical installations not only just from the tide, as long as the current flows but it must be safe and comfortable and neat. That is why the electrical installation is something that needs to be done by a professional electrician Columbia SC to avoid the unwanted and dangerous risk of electricity that could harm you and your family.

Se even though the electrician will know exactly what your house needs in electrical installation, you also need to understand how it works. The following are some things that must be considered when installing an electrical installation. First, make sure that you use high quality and standard switches. because the user is used for a long time. Adjust the switch specifications not to exceed the capacity indicated on the switch and not to overload the switch. Use copper or brass sockets for better conductance, select a grounded or earthed socket and standard sockets. Use energy-saving and quality lamps to get better lighting and not wasteful of electricity usage.

The circuit breaker is also the device you need to make sure safely installed in your house. This device is an automatic electrical circuit breaker in the event of a short circuit, so choose the circuit breaker that the quality is indeed tested and standardized to ensure the safety of your house. In the installation of electrical installations do not have too many cables in one pipe, and try to install neatly and there is no connection. In the installation must use earth or grounding in each socket. Because the ground is very important for grounding electronic equipment and installation safety. Adjust the cable size to the electric current to be used.

How To Text A Girl And Make Her Agree To Meet For A Date

Since a long time ago, guys always think hard to find the best way to attract the attention of their ideal woman and find the best way to texting a girl you like. The existence of texting applications such as WhatsApp, LINE and many online dating has changed the way we look for acquaintances or partners. This change should also change the way you give women the first impression. As many say, the first impression that determines the next meeting or not. Therefore, if you do not want to lose the opportunity to be able to create a good first impression, let’s look at ways to attract the attention of women through the following chat.

After your discussion goes deeper and you start to open up a lot of stories about yourself, slowly she will feel more comfortable and brave to open up to you. Begin to discuss everything about her, from her hobbies, passion or dreams. Remember, the discussion at this phase is generally very personal. You will receive information that she may never release in her social life, you will begin to see who she is behind the photos or status updates. Try to appreciate the way it is. If in the previous chat topics you might be more dominant in directing the conversation, in this phase let her take control. Be a good listener. Women like men who are willing to listen to sincerely without being covered by other prejudices.

If you make it to this stage, you are just one step away to get her heart, or maybe you already have it. Do not hesitate, set the time, reservation, take her to a date. Always remember that in approaching a girl, especially the one you would like to date emphasize that it is true, good communication skills defeat perfect performances. With good social skills, you can even beat other boys who only have the looks to get your crush. But, keep in mind, clever seduction also has no use if you do not dare to act. Approaching a girl through texting is just a tool you have to take good finishing steps when meeting face to face (in the real world) and win her heart.

Bagaimana Orang Muslim Di Seluruh Dunia Berpakaian Untuk Idul Fitri?

Setiap budaya di setiap negara memiliki gaya dan selera berpakaian sendiri yang juga dapat bervariasi dari orang ke orang sesuai dengan kemiripan mereka. Misalnya di Pakistan pria & wanita mengenakan ‘Shalwaar Kameez’ tradisional mereka. Di Indonesia, wanita mengenakan pakaian mereka (Kebaya) dan jilbab (Kerudung). Sedangkan di Barat, Muslim berasal dari latar belakang budaya yang beragam dan tidak ada gaya yang sama, orang sering memakai pakaian dari budaya Muslim lain selain dari mereka sendiri. Pakaian-pakaian ini bisa kita temukan dengan mudah di toko baju retail atau online karena pasar untuk pakaian muslim juga sudah sangat tinggi.

Mari kita lihat bagaimana Muslim dari berbagai belahan dunia berpakaian pada hari Idul Fitri.
1. Wanita di Palestina mengenakan pakaian tradisional mereka dengan sulaman benang merah yang rumit dan dihiasi dengan pernak-pernik kecil. Gaun itu dikenal sebagai “Thube”.
2. Anak-anak Muslim di Kosovo mengambil bagian dalam doa selama perayaan Idul Fitri mengenakan rompi hitam yang dihiasi dengan benang emas dan dasi kupu-kupu.
3. Para pria mengenakan gaun panjang tradisional dari Ghana.
4. Wanita Malaysia saling menyapa pada Idul Fitri yang dihiasi jilbab berwarna cerah dan jilbab panjang.
5. Muslim muda dari beragam budaya Islam merayakan Idul Fitri di Australia berpakaian sesuka mereka.
6. Wanita di Cina merayakan Idul Fitri dalam pakaian tradisional Muslim yaitu jilbab dan jubah.
7. Muslim di AS saling menyapa pada hari Idul Fitri. Pria mengenakan tutup kepala tradisional mereka (keffiyeh) dan jubah (thobe). Gaun itu unik umum dan dipakai oleh para pria di negara-negara Arab.
8. Pria Muslim Kenya mengambil foto selfie kelompok pada hari Idul Fitri. Baik orang dewasa dan anak-anak memakai headset tradisional dan jubah (Thobe). Warna headset biasanya sejajar dengan warna pakaian.
9. Wanita Muslim di Filipina mengenakan jilbab berwarna-warni dan jubah panjang.
10. Wanita di Pakistan berdandan untuk Idul Fitri dengan pakaian tradisional mereka yaitu shalwar kameez. Pakaian biasanya dihiasi dengan desain rumit atau sulaman dalam kasus lain.