Exercise For Shaping Female Abdominal Muscles

Plank exercises can strengthen your abdominal muscles if you do it often. At least one minute for a day is enough. How to do it looks easy, but do not underestimate plank. Do it on your knees and place your palms in the front, then your forearms on the mat and spread stiffly from behind. Hold this position for 10 seconds for beginners. Repeat three times for effective results. It looks simple indeed, but plank can perfect your stomach that you desire. Besides plank, there are several other ways from look at this that you can do to build abdominal muscles.

The simplest movements you can do every day beside planks are sit-ups. This exercise can also tighten the abdominal and external muscles. Lie on your back and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees and keep your feet flat on the ground. It is best to place your hands above your head so that a more active stomach moves. Repeat this movement for 2-3 sets.

Side Plank Oblique Crunches
More complex than plank movements, side-plank oblique crunches do indeed work far more in the whole body’s core because they target internal and external oblique muscles. How to do this, just lay down and slowly turn towards the comfortable side. Slowly, lift your forearm to support the body and place the other hand on the head. make sure your stiffness is straight. Bring the right elbow toward the stomach and then repeat the move.

To tighten your abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders, and chest in one move, you can do push-ups regularly. Start in the prone position on the floor with your hands slightly wider. Make sure your hands stay in line with your shoulders, then lift your body using your arms. Let the weight of the body be supported by the hands and base of the toe. Hold the stomach in a few seconds, you have to form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. It’s hard to do, but doing it routinely 5 times a day will be worth your effort.