4 Grinding Tips When Playing Skateboard

As an extreme sport and lifestyle, skateboarding, longboarding, or mini longboard games offer a lot of exciting things summitboard.co/. Starting from the style to the tricks, all worth following. Talking about tricks, it seems that understanding grinding tricks is a must as a skate player. Why? Because, through this trick, you can show off control of the skater board on a flat and thin object.

Usually skate children more often do this grind trick on Rail or Funbox that is made by themselves or in a park, school, campus and skatepark. Although it will damage the bottom of the board truck, that’s the main essence.

But it’s not easy to do this one trick. Some things must be prepared and considered before doing this trick, so see the tips below!

– Know the Types of Grind Tricks
Grinding is not just going on the rails anyway. Like other tricks, there are combinations that you must know. For example 50-50 Grind, 5.O Grind, Nose Grind, to Crook Grind. But the most difficult is the Feeble Grind. Where the skater had to swipe the rear truck and the middle half of the board was slightly sloped.

– Master the Basic Techniques
As with sports and other tricks, the skater must master the basic techniques first. Well, for the grind, Ollie and Backie / frontside Oliie are the main requirements. The purpose? clear so we can get a grip. The point is to make it easier when doing grind on an object and can maintain balance when doing the trick.

– Choose the Precision Board
In the Grind trick, the size of the board is very influential, you know. Understandably, balance and focus are the keys to your success in doing this trick. So, it’s good that the board you choose is comfortable to wear. If the board used is too small the size of the meal will be more difficult in balancing the tricks when grind, so adjust the board to a size that is comfortable with you.

– Learning to Fall
Many skaters don’t know how to fall safely when doing tricks. Well, what you should pay attention to is the position of the hand first. A safe way to fall is not to hold with your hands when falling, but instead, try to roll over and stretch more before doing grind tricks to avoid injury.

– Many Search References
Learn from the pro! Especially for amateurs. Yep, because this trick requires special training, you should not try it carelessly. One little can be overturned. Many can be used as references, one of which is Youtube by finding references such as how to grind techniques, how to fall while practising, how to avoid mistakes, techniques, tricks, and so on.