Do Not Store These 6 Items In The Mini Warehouse

You may often keep items that are not used in 迷你倉, or if you have an attic on the roof of your house, you will store them there. For some items such as suitcases, it might not be a problem if it is stored for a long time in a mini-warehouse But some other objects, especially those made from natural materials such as wooden tables, can be damaged if stored in a closed room such as a mini-warehouse. Besides that, what other items should not be stored in a mini-warehouse?

1. Wood Furniture
Has an antique table or chair inherited from parents? You may feel reluctant to put it in the living room or family because it does not fit into the minimalist home theme. Do not leave the furniture in the mini-warehouse for a long time, changing temperature and humidity can make wood cracked. Better to keep using in one corner of the room at home or give it to people in need.

2. Children’s Dolls
The child is too big to be happy to play with dolls anymore? You might keep it as a memory or just in case your child misses playing it again. However, dolls that are stored are at risk for inviting mice, mites and other pests. If possible, store it in an airtight box instead of just storing it in black plastic. Or, give it to other children who need toys.

3. Candles
Candles are usually used when the electricity goes out or are kept just in case you need ornaments to decorate certain events. Hot temperatures, especially in mini-warehouse or attic can make the candles melt. So that the candle is not damaged, store it in a closet in the house that gets more stable temperatures.

4. Electronic Goods
Your old electronic goods such as video players, televisions, cell phones, or even game consoles should not be stored in a mini-warehouse. Changes in temperature can make electronic goods moist and damage the inside.

5. Clothes
Wedding dresses, party clothes, or other clothing that you may rarely (or never have) worn should be kept in the wardrobe. This clothing material will usually easily damp and invite dust and dust.
Clothing still needs air so storing it in plastic is also not recommended. You can store it in a box and remove it at least once a year to prevent damage.

6. Photo Album
Maybe now you save more photos in digital format, but other photos that have been printed, such as a family photo album or wedding album, do not just save mini-warehouse.