This Is The Early Days Of GPS Technology

GPS is originated in the USA. Basically, the form of a GPS technology system is the same as a central base radio navigation system, such as LORAN and Decca Navigator which were developed in the 1940s and used during World War II. The inspiration for making a GPS system actually came from the Soviet Union which at that time, in 1957, launched their first satellite, Sputnik. A team of US scientists led by Dr. Richard B. Kershner was monitoring Sputnik’s radio transmissions. They found that the Doppler effect affected radio transmissions, where the frequency signal transmitted by Sputnik was very high when it was just launched and was getting lower as satellites moved away from the earth. They realized that by knowing the exact location of their longitude on the world map, they were able to track the position of the satellite in orbit based on the Doppler Effect deviation benchmark. Fortunately, GPS technology can be used by a lot of people today, and even for commercial purposes, like the geofencing services, and geofencing costs are not expensive.

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Transit, the first satellite navigation system used by the US Navy was successfully tested for the first time in 1960. A system that uses a collection of five satellites is able to determine its position once every hour. In 1967, the US Navy developed the Timation satellite which proves its ability to set an accurate time in space, a GPS system reference technology. In the 1970s, the central Omega Navigation System, based on signal phase comparison, became the first radio navigation system to cover the whole world.

The first Block-I GPS test satellite was launched in February 1978. The first GPS satellites were made by Rockwell International (now part of Boeing) and are now made by Lockheed Martin (IIR / IIR-M) and Boeing (IIF).

The direction and position of an area have a very important role in various activities. And often the process or method used to get it is not practical. The presence of GPS technology has answered the challenges that exist to meet these needs. With this technology, humans can find out their position in real-time and also the direction of the road to go.

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